Walter Reissman Like to Make His Clients Lots of Money

August 21, 2020
Walter Reissman

In recent years, Walter Reissman has been focused on U.S. real estate, but he has been focused on many industrial sectors in the past, including banking, trading, technology, telecom, oil and gas, and minerals and resources. Nowadays, Walter Reissman serves as a principal with Marketwise Trading, a firm that delivers market research, analysis and strategy support to many knowledge-based organizations, including those in the fields of education, science, technology and others. He is currently focused on real estate acquisition, but there is a lot more to his career than that.

Over more than 30 years in business, he has been an investor and a "serial entrepreneur.” In addition to being very spiritual in many ways, Walter Reissman is also an highly respected art collector who has placed a lot of important art pieces in museums and private collections worldwide. He is a very spiritual person, who has been described as eccentric, artistic and creative and who likes to keep physically fit by walking, hiking and weightlifting.